Client Testimonials

I attended only 6 PT sessions with Ms Cha Mangubat (as I had earlier done 16 sessions at a well-known hospital in Makati only to have very minimal relief ) for L4-L5 herniated disc but I could say that my experience with her has been truly remarkable.


With the exercises provided, my condition has truly improved and with her proper guidance I am now able to manage my lower back pain and sciatica with confidence at home. She is organized, very knowledgeable and most of all fun to be with. And although I am not yet 100% pain-free as this condition unfortunately takes time to heal, I am beyond grateful for her expertise as those mobility and core exercises which I am now able to execute correctly (unlike before where I’d just exercise for the sake without knowing its rationale) truly helped me navigate my symptoms better.


I can now walk longer for hours without pain and hopefully in no time will be back to doing my normal activities and routines. I highly recommend prohealth for those who are suffering the same health issue as mine. ? Thank you so much Ms. Cha.?

Marianne Allauigan (November 2023)



Had really solid sessions with my therapist, Cha Mangubat. The sessions helped me recover from a shin injury.

Darren Idquival (October 2023)


I attended their clinic for a couple of weeks recently and I’m satisfied with the service and the outcome. Kudos to the team especially to Ruby who’s been helpful and to their physiotherapist Cha Mangubat who’s expertise and professionalism in the field is exceptional.

Camille Pauline (August 2023)



I would like to thank Prohealth Sports And Spinal for helping me address my lower back pain due to desiccated and bulging disc. My physiotherapist, Cha Mangubat, was really amazing as after just a few sessions with her, the pain on my lower back subsided. She did not just focus on my lower back but to the overall concerns that I have on my shoulders and heel. I did 12 sessions with her and now I can do long drives again without any discomfort. The home flexibility and strengthening exercises she gave me do a lot of wonder in my day to day activities. Also, there appointment process was a breeze. I constantly get reminders on days before my scheduled therapies. The facility itself was very clean and bright. I am very happy that I chose Sports And Spinal for my therapy. A big thanks again to Cha and to all the staff of Prohealth!

Jozelle Ann Villareal (March 2023)


I have had numerous physiotherapy sessions with Cha Mangubat in an effort to overcome severe back issues stemming from bulging discs in both cervical and lumbar spinal sections. It’s been a long and laborious effort but happy to be in a much better condition now and with clear guidance on how to maintain this going forward. Thank you Cha for your effort in bringing me back to a normal life where I can do things I could do before.

Knud Hedeager (February 2023)



The team at ProHealth Sports and Spinal are great; they’re professional and responsive. I left each session feeling much better. I recommend them!

Noni Munge (September 2022)



I have been consistently training (crossfit) for 2 months but started experiencing overall back pain, mostly on my right side. There was just a significant imbalance between my left and right side; I’ve been diagnosed with mild scoliosis since I was 13 years old.



I didn’t know how much pain I was in up until I experienced total relief after my first session back with Randel. Regularly meeting with him from once a week to once every two weeks, along with doing the recommended exercises really helped ease my back pain. Even when my training slowly decreased in load and intensity, and my back pains were mostly brought about by my work from home set-up (not ergonomic, sitting down most of the day), Randel has still been able to consistently address whatever problems and pains I’ve been experiencing.

I definitely feel safe at ProHealth. Social distancing, wearing of face masks, shoe baths, encouraged handwashing, proper PPE — every important protocol I believe is observed at ProHealth.

Panjee Hernandez, GT Channels Trade Marketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company



Prior to consulting with ProHealth, I have been experiencing low back issues. I’ve had several consultations from doctors and even did rehabilitation for my lumbar spine a few years back. Unfortunately, the low back issues kept coming back. More so, I am very proactive when it comes to my health in terms of physiotherapy.

Being a circus athlete and a woman, being able to functionally move daily and train regularly are both extremely important to me. Esther’s help as my physiotherapist has been hugely beneficial to the treatment of my lower back and our physical therapy sessions (even post therapy care) has helped me restore function and movement in other affected areas of my body as well. Since Dang specializes on women’s health, a lot of the application in our sessions also covers women-specific therapy and how it relates to a lot of my movement and training patterns. I am four weeks into my physical therapy sessions and the results have been nothing but progressive!

I am very grateful that ProHealth has opened despite the pandemic. The new normal setup has made me feel safe and secured as Centuria Medical Center and all the more, ProHealth ensures the safety of their patients through proper booking and confirmation of appointments as well as sanitizing their consultation area and imposing hygienic practices not just to the patients but their entire staff as well.

Celene Anne Denise Liwanag, Health and Fitness Coach, One Happy Candy



I was diagnosed with a mild case of Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) by my orthopedic doctor from St. Luke’s – BGC and she advised me to undergo physical therapy twice a week and referred me to ProHealth.

My lead physio taught me how to breathe properly (diaphragmatic breathing) during our first session, helped lessen the tightness in my hip flexors with assisted stretches. He guided me during my sessions so I can perform the exercises correctly (i.e., with the proper form) and encouraged me when I was struggling with them. He also recommended I invest in some of the equipment (resistance bands!) so I can continue doing the exercises he taught me at home. He taught me how to breathe properly (diaphragmatic breathing) during our first session, helped release the tightness in my hip flexors with assisted stretches, and never failed to remind me to take frequent breaks (from prolonged sitting) and continue exercising at home. He made sure I got the most out of each session and now, one month after I started my PT, I feel better and stronger.

While I have no way to compare the ‘new normal set up’ of ProHealth with their previous set up (since I only became their patient during this ‘new normal’ period), I still think my experience with ProHealth has been very positive from day one. Everyone in the facility wears masks. Contactless payments are encouraged. Health Monitoring forms are sent via email and SMS a day or two before your appointment. Their equipment are sanitized thoroughly before use. These measures showed me that ProHealth is taking the safety and well-being of their clients and staff seriously, especially during these times.

Maria Christine Ann Salazar – Montemayor



Beore my consultation with ProHealth, I had been feeling pain on my right shoulder and rotator cuff radiating towards the neck. My range of motion was limited and I also experienced frequent headaches. I also was complaining about my knee which was having some discomfort in walking up and down the stairs especially after cycling.

Ivan is an expert on his field. He initially did a thorough diagnosis on me. He created and provided a detailed report and therapy plan to manage the pain and improve my strength. He explained to me his approach and made me understand the why behind all my concerns and was patient to entertain all my questions. For the first session, I already felt I was in the hands of a professional.   The treatment was a big relief to me and felt the difference. Ivan was also very helpful in educating me on how to correct posture and ergonomics since I am currently working from home. He taught me effective stretching regimen to strengthen my shoulder and exercises to avoid injuries before and after cycling. I am happy to feel free from the excruciating discomfort of pain.

ProHealth has efficient facilities and provides great customer service.  They implement strict protocols to ensure the safety of clients during this new normal set-up. Ensures reminders are being sent consistently. Above it all, ProHealth employs professional and reliable physiotherapists whom people can be assured of their recovery and strength training. I would truly recommend their services to anyone who needs help on their physical rehabilitation.

Fabi Carino, Country Human Resources Director, Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines



My rehabilitation experience with Prohealth under the care of Randel was definitely effective. I was having a problem with my rotator cuff and was afraid that I couldn’t recover in time for my surf training. I liked how he examined my condition and recommended an exercise prescription plan to treat the pain and gradually recover my range of motion. In every session, he assessed my progress and managed to deal with even the minor discomforts I experienced. The whole program given to me was comprehensive in that I was able to perform exercises at home and I really appreciate the care and effort of my practitioner to make sure that I recover and regain my strength back.


– Karen Caiña, recreational surfer


I have 3 herniate day disks on my lower back, and had trouble walking due to leg pain. After 6 weeks of rehab with Mr. Gorby Sangco I am back surfing, boxing, and other activities! Best of all I no longer need any surgery. Highly recommended!


– Caroline Fisheries Corporation




Highly recommended to anyone who may need their expertise! Aside from having a clean and cozy center, the treatment for my neck and shoulder pain was really amazing. I’ve been experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain and went to different doctors/ rehab centers but only in ProHealth I experienced progress. Esther (my physiotherapist) is very knowledgeable, she is very good/very professional. She knew what to do and she was very caring & patient to educate me regarding my case. Thank you Esther for your excellent care.


–  Gina Pabiania




Highly recommended. Physiotherapist Ivan Llanto is knowledgeable on his field. He shows concern towards his patient and goes beyond what is expected compared to other therapists we tried outside of ProHealth.


– Mischa Millar-Ruiz




I had  my first appointment at Prohhealth Sports and Spinal in Makati  today and I met with Mr. Gorby.  I was pleased with both the facility and Mr. Gorby.  He was very professional patient interview and also his physical assessment of my neck and shoulder pain due to a bulging disc in C4-C5 (as described in my MRI report).  His treatment plan was very reasonable and his technique very professional.  I will continue with his treatment plan.  The plan provided by Prohealth -was also  well written and clear.


– Gilda Cabral




Needed a last minute appointment with a Physiotherapist for a tight hamstring and they were able to accommodate me quickly with no drama. Saw Lorenzo who was not only really quick and precise to assess my situation but also utilised our session well with a mix of recovery massage therapy and stretching. He also made some great recommendations for some stretches and exercises to incorporate into my workouts. He was very friendly, detailed, knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend him to anyone.  The practice itself was very fresh and clean. Overall a fantastic experience.


– Thomas Peck




I injured my knee during a basketball game and I am really in pain. It was a last minute appointment but they still accommodated my request. Shout out to the receptionist. My Physiotherapist Esther Doroteo carefully examined my knee. She is very knowledgeable and very patient. She is also very accommodating. It is like talking to a friend.


– Gerald Obar




This place is awesome and Gorby is an absolute magician. He just caught hold the problem, in seconds after I explained my problem and vanishes the pain in minutes. Crazy work.. Loved it. The overall ambience, staffs are very welcoming. Guys don’t ever give  a second thought to get the service of them, if you are really dealing with any kind of physio issues. ???


– Sujit Das


Very competent therapists that have been in the field for a long time. Experts with wealth of experience to treat your injuries. They do a thorough assessment of your condition to come up with an optimal treatment program. Their equipment is modern and the place is very neat. Best place to heal and recover.


– Biboy Rivera


 The front desk staff and my attending physio are very friendly and accommodating. my attending physio was easy to talk to and she assessed me well about my condition. also, the facility is neat. I will recommend their service and looking forward to my next session


 – Cory Castillo


The location was easily accessible. The reception area is very clean and comfy. The staff are super accommodating, the practioners displayed in-depth knowledge in what they do and the facility is extremely well laid out. It was the right decision coming here. More than I expected.


 – Rafael Obusan




Been here a few times already. Best physical therapy center I have been to overall. Location 10/10. Staff 12/10. Any physical therapy you need they will take care of you. Very happy with them.


– Paolo Alilam


If you are looking for a place to loosen your sore/tight muscles, this is the place to go! Reasonably priced and punctual, easy to book a session online without hassle. Highly recommended for athletes.


– Edwin Teo




Very accommodating and hands-on staff and therapists! They customize their treatment according to your needs and all of them are trusted experts so you know you’re in good hands. They helped a lot with a chronic elbow injury of mine.


– Meggie Ochoa


This place is amazing. The facilities are equipped with top of the line machines, the place is clean, and the staff are friendly and, most importantly, knowledgeable and highly trained. They are the closest thing to miracle workers.


 – Bruce Chua




It is my first time today to visit due to an excruciating lower back pain I’ve been suffering for a couple of weeks now. My expectations were met in cross references to the various reviews posted prior to my experience. I was skeptic prior to this but was proven wrong as time passes by.  First, the place is well organized, cozy and comfy. Second, the staffs were accommodating and warm, nice and friendly. Lastly, my therapist makes sure that I understood the whole process, the reason for such pain, and what’s gonna happen the next 60 minutes session. The therapist even encourages me to make some inquiries, make some inputs and ensure that I am feeling better all along the entire process. Overall, 10 out of 10 for an excellent experience. This is why am gonna be here again thrice a week until the pain is gone. What yah all waitin’ for? Give it a visit – great place with great people couple with passion and vision. It’s all worth it!


– Holley Paul 




Super good place that helped me with my back pain. Friendly, helpful and professional staff who gave a treatment for my acute condition and taught me preventive exercises. The surroundings are neat and clean. Would definitely recommend the place to others.


– Amalie Baek




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