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When you experience pain, it is often your body’s reminder you are taking it for granted. While serious cases are easier to detect, the pain we endure from day-to-day is often far less obvious. That’s where physiotherapy treatment can help.

At ProHealth Sports and Spinal, we treat a wide range of problems from chronic neck and back pain to acute sports injuries. We use our expertise to identify the underlying cause of your pain, from poor workplace ergonomics to inadequate running shoes.

Seeking physiotherapy treatments is an extended method of treatment, looking into different aspects of your life – from your daily routine, body type and posture, the sports and exercise you do or the lack of it, to giving you lifestyle tips and prescriptive exercises that prevent further pain and injury.


We provide a modern, high-end and well-appointed clinic for patients to relax in a private environment to evaluate and assess symptoms prior to treatment. Their hands-on treatments are unique and patients can expect thorough assessments, expert analysis and evaluation, matched with a specially designed treatment plan and expert care.

ProHealth Sports and Spinal has the expertise for back and neck pain, spinal rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and chronic pain, occupational and sports physiotherapy, but we also cover a wide range of conditions such as post-surgery rehabilitation.

Using a unique blend of knowledge and handling skills to speed up the body’s natural healing processes and prevent further injuries, we help promote good health by assisting you in a more elaborate treatment plan that prevents further pain and injury.


We are experienced and skilled at treating a variety of issues including:

Our specialty treatments & services include:

We also provide specialised services for corporates and employees:

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