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Stretching is the most basic form of therapy used for centuries to alleviate muscular and joint pain. Despite living active lifestyles, many people still spend hours and hours sitting or sleeping, which translates to half our lives in only a few positions. Sitting postures can cause long term strains and overworked muscles. Some other problems may include tight chest and pain in upper back muscles combined with weak anterior neck muscles, mid-back and core musculature. This contributes to headaches, shoulder tension and neck pain. Stretching can be an effective way to release tension even when you are just slightly ‘sore’.

By stretching a muscle correctly and maintaining a ‘lengthened muscle’, the body can benefit from both decrease in pain from a tight muscle and a decrease in pressure on a joint or tendon. Moreover, it is important to know how to do a stretch properly and understand the difference between when a static (constant hold) vs. dynamic stretch (stretch through movement) is appropriate. By analysing your biomechanics, the correct positioning to stretch the muscle and not a nerve can achieve the optimum result from a stretch programme*.

* At times, stretching cannot achieve the desired result so we complement treatment with physiotherapy to target soft tissue and use dry needling treatments to accentuate the efficacy of a stretch session.

Recommended frequency:

From 3 sessions to individualised programme (this may change if complemented with other physiotherapy treatments to address goals and/or other targeted areas)


  • Full anatomical assessment looking at joint range and muscle length
  • Full bio-mechanical assessment
  • Treatment according to findings: First treatment consisting of a combination of stretching, dry needling and soft tissue massage


  • Treatment to achieve flexibility
  • Recommended frequency of the treatment
  • Home exercise prescription programme to address specific tightness and weaknesses identified
  • Re-assessment of muscle length, biomechanics and strength
  • Plan to work on maintaining muscle length on your own
  • Specific sport related assessments as required

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