Knee Pain Programme

Knee pain is commonly caused by muscle strains, tendinitis, osteoarthritis or ligament sprains and tears. It may occur from sports injuries, accidents, medical conditions or overuse.

One of the most common knee conditions is anterior knee pain, a clinical syndrome characterised by pain around the kneecap, and mostly exacerbated by activity because knees take your full body weight. The pain if often experienced by endurance training enthusiasts in long distance running, hiking and cycling. Our Rehabilitation Programme identifies your problems and assists in returning you to your training and exercise
routine, or to pain free activities of daily living.



  • Lower limb alignment tests plus evaluation of any abnormal knee and foot mechanics
  • Lower limb muscle strength and flexibility testing
  • Current shoe wear
  • Running assessment on the treadmill


  • Treatment plan to relieve pain and other symptoms
  • Manual techniques for soft tissue and joint release
  • Strengthening programme for legs and core muscles
  • Advice on shoe wear
  • A tailor-made exercise prescription programme and training schedule for more active clients

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