Women’s Health Physiotherapy

What started as a resource for physiotherapists with interest in obstetric musculoskeletal disorders, Women’s Health Physiotherapy has evolved to a program dealing with any and all female pelvic health issues.

Based on studies, 1 out of 3 women will experience a Pelvic Floor Disorder (PFD) in their lifetime and it can affect women at any age. While women experience debilitating symptoms due to PFD, many choose to tolerate the symptoms and suffer in silence for fear of embarrassment and invalidation.

Some of  the most common Women’s Pelvic Floor Disorders:

How can Women’s Health Physiotherapy help?

The purpose of Women’s Health Physiotherapy  is to assess female pelvic floor function and be able to create a program tailor-fitted to every woman’s pelvic health needs through:

  •  Patient awareness
  •  Lifestyle education & modification
  • Manual therapy
  •  Pain management techniques
  •  Exercise prescription such as Pregnancy Pilates

On the first session, our physiotherapist would:

  • Take full history like past medical history, social, environmental and emotional factors that might be relevant to the signs and symptoms experienced by the patient.
  • Do assessment that might include (but not limited to) vaginal examination for full evaluation of the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor organs.
  • Our physiotherapist will discuss the objective findings of the assessment, as well as the treatment plan to address the findings.
  • The patient and our physiotherapist will discuss the end goal of the treatment and the timeline to attain it.
  • Our physiotherapist will start with the treatment plan discussed which might include patient education, lifestyle awareness & modification, pain management, and exercise prescription.

On the following sessions, our physiotherapist would:

  • Review signs and symptoms, and treatment goals.
  • Discuss pertinent effects of the initial treatment, how it has helped or affected the patient.
  • Progress treatment plan as necessary.

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