Lorenzo Simbulan

Lorenzo Simbulan

BSc Physical Therapy (PH),
Registered Physiotherapist,
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

Areas of Expertise:

  • Office and Automobile Ergonomics
  • Work-related pain and injury
  • Spine Health (Upper back pain, lower back pain, movement problem)
  • Lower extremity injury (Hip, knee and ankle pain and movement issue)
  • Functional and corrective exercises
  • Post-operative rehabilitation (ACL repair, THR, TKR)
  • General Conditioning and Recovery
  • Sports Recovery
  • Dry Needling

Tell us your background in Physiotherapy


I finished my bachelors degree in Physiotherapy in 2016 at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (P.L.M) and got my license August of that year. Immediately I started working for an international organization as their physiotherapist. I handled multiple cases of work-related injuries and chronic pain which is highly common in their organization. It wasn’t easy treating their pain because you need to dive in and respect what they feel. Likewise, I try my best to let them understand that physiotherapy is a two-way street. Both patient and the physio need to work together to get the best results. Receiving these cases led me to pursue Neuromuscular Therapy as my specialty wherein I combine soft tissue work to ease the pain and after I let them do corrective exercises.


Exercises is really the bread and butter of physiotherapy. Manual therapy is only and adjunct to get the job done. This is how I work with my patients to achieve their maximum potential and walk-out the clinic pain free and experience best care.


What are your interests

A lot actually. Usually, my ice breakers are common with people nowadays, QUARANTINE. I ask them how’s their experience and I go from there. This is interesting and very common for all people now. Politics, local and worldwide, is also an interesting discussion but I take caution tackling this topic. Another interesting topic for me is sports like basketball, football and motorsports (Formula 1 racing)


Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on


Most recent is the COVID-19 pandemic, it changed me. I learned to live day-by-day trying to survive and getting job done now than later because situation evolves really fast and you need to cope up instantly and have foresight prepare better to achieve the goals you have set.

I’m also doing volunteer firefighting as a civic work. Part of the job is to help the community prevent fires from occurring to protect life and property. We’re also highly involved in helping the community prevent spread of COVID-19.


What is your area of expertise


Well, handling different patients with different backgrounds, nationalities, conditions. I work with the patient to achieve the best possible solution to the problem that may arise. We treat it with neuromuscular therapy and corrective exercises

What is the most fulfilling part of job


Simple, make the patient walk-out pain free and happy.

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