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An office environment with desk workers in a discussion. At Prohealth Sports And Spinal Philippines, our physical therapists can provide tailored services and workshops for corporates, and employee wellness programs.

Looking for Corporate Physiotherapy or Employee Engagement Programs?

Poor posture, fatigue and stress in the workplace can all contribute to spinal pain. Companies and organisations are recognising the importance of having a health, qualified and motivated workforce as a tool for success and company growth.

Our Prohealth Sports And Spinal physiotherapists specialise in understanding workplace health and wellness. We offer corporate physiotherapy services and workshops to help your employees directly with their conditions or injuries, educate them with ergonomics consultation, and maximise their wellbeing and productivity at work.

We can assist your company’s wellness initiatives with 3 services:

  1. Onsite Physiotherapy Services
  2. Workplace Ergonomics Consultations
  3. Health & Wellness Workshops

Why Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness programs positively impact employees’ wellbeing, improve productivity metrics, and reduce worker-related medical expenses.

  • Absenteeism reduced by 37% with workplace wellness programmes
  • Higher employee productivity & performance reported by 84% of employers with wellness programmes
  • Savings of 25% on worker healthcare & medical compensation costs
  • Employees are 18% more productive when working in an ergonomic setting
  • The average return on investment for employee wellness programmes is six-to-one
  • Over 77% of employees think wellness programmes are excellent for a company’s culture


Why Physiotherapy for Employee Engagement?

As a licensed medical profession, physiotherapy is the leading scientific and evidence-based approach to physical wellbeing and movement improvement. At Prohealth Sports And Spinal, we understand the importance for employers to have a productive and healthy workforce, and the key role it plays in the success of any organisation.

Our physiotherapy services and workshops can effectively support your employees and provide productivity benefits to your business.

  • Job-related physical discomfort is routinely experience by 50% of office workers
  • Musculoskeletal problems affecting the back, neck, shoulders & wrists affect 67% of frequent computer users
  • Every year, 50% of people aged 18+ develop a musculoskeletal injury lasting more than 3 months
  • Over 50% of computer users experience Repetitive Strain Injury symptoms
  • Effective office ergonomics interventions can reduce musculoskeletal problems by 61%
  • Of those looking for drug-free pain relief, 41% found physiotherapy to be the most effective treatment

1. Onsite Physiotherapy Services

We are able to bring our physiotherapy services to the comfort and convenience of your office location. We can provide one-on-one assessments & treatment sessions for any employee experiencing physical discomfort.

Common conditions that we treat include back, neck and shoulder pain, wrist or hand injuries, sports-related injuries, women’s pre & post-pregnancy related conditions and more.

Our Prohealth Sports And Spinal physiotherapists in Philippines can provide onsite physiotherapy treatments and services for employees at their offices.

  • This is the most effective and hands-on solution to improve your team’s physical wellbeing
  • We set up a treatment area in your office so your employees do not need to travel and minimises your company’s downtime
  • Our experienced physiotherapists provide expert treatments and exercises to manage conditions
  • We specialise in a variety of treatment tools to tackle any condition: manual manipulation, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, dry needling, acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, etc. These services can be provided at each employee’s individual time convenience by scheduling sessions beforehand
  • Our services can be provided at each employee’s individual time convenience by scheduling sessions beforehand

Alternatively, with our clinic conveniently located in Makati, your employees may have their sessions at our clinic if you prefer.

2. Workplace Ergonomic Consultations

Our physiotherapists are Ergonomics Qualified and can tailor personalised assessments & recommendations for each of your employees’ workstations. This can optimise their daily comfort & reduce risk of injuries.

Our physiotherapist conducting a workplace ergonomics consultation session with an employee. At Prohealth Sports And Spinal Philippines, we provide high-quality services and wellness programs for corporates and employees.

  • Custom recommendations (e.g. desk height, chair type, etc.) given individually to each employee based on their height, weight, body build, prior injuries etc. Key measurements will be recorded and compared to best practice standards for anthropometry, biomechanics & environmental physics
  • Our physiotherapists can then liaise directly with your IT Support and Office Management team to proactively implement the recommend changes after the site survey
  • Optimised workstation set-ups improve employees’ wellbeing on a daily basis & over the long term
  • Results in greater employee productivity & boosts the team’s morale
  • Significantly reduce company costs associated with worker fatigue, burnout, and medical absences

3. Health and Wellness Workshops

We also run educational and interactive group sessions with our experts on a variety of health & wellness topics. This provides an opportunity for your employees to receive highly-qualified and specific advice on various topics on improving physical wellbeing at work and in their personal lives.

  • Conducted in a group setting, this is a more traditional choice for an employee engagement activity
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to get reliable healthcare advice from a competent source
  • Fosters a team building spirit as each employee can share their personal physical challenges during session

Our physiotherapist running a health workshop with employees of a large corporation. At Prohealth Sports And Spinal Philippines, we provide high-quality services, health workshops and wellness programs for corporates and employees.

We can give advice / education regarding:

  • Manual handling / lifting advice Ergonomic advice with regards to your workstation set up
  • Education and demonstration of office based stretches
  • Postural retraining and advice for sitting and standing
  • Core strengthening Programmes
  • Regular breaks encouraged for good spinal health

Why Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Centres?

For over 20 years, Prohealth Sports And Spinal Philippines, as well as our network of clinics across Hong Kong, Singapore and India have helped clients recover faster and more importantly prevent their injuries and pain from returning. Our experienced physiotherapists are committed to delivering high-quality, personalised and patient-centred treatments, to achieve the best outcomes for each and every client.

Current and past corporate clients include:

  • Bloomberg
  • Grab
  • Standard Chartered
  • The Financial Times
  • Howden Specialty Asia Pacific
  • Cohen & Steers
  • Garage Society
  • Weave Living
  • Chevron
  • Twitch
  • Herbert Smith Freehills


Interested in our corporate services? Share with us your goals and we can help provide solutions to enhance your workplace wellness and help your business.


If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us.


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