Pre Employment Functional Assessment Test

About Our Pre Employment Functional Assessment Tests

The First Step to a Safer & Healthier Workplace for Your Staff

Prohealth Sports & Spinal offers pre-employment assessments carried out by our experienced physiotherapist to help employers during the recruitment process.

Our assessments are designed to determine whether a potential candidate has the physical capabilities to perform the role they are applying for without. From our comprehensive assessments, we can measure the candidate’s strength, endurance, agility, positional tolerance, and daily physical demands.

This form of testing is typically to prevent injury in the future, and increases the chances of employers hiring the most suitable employees for the role. For example, it may include tasks such as lifting heavy objects, carrying loads, climbing stairs or ladders, or operating machinery.

A man receiving a pre employment assessment test conducted by our physiotherapists at Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Centres in Manila Philippines

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy can contribute to the pre-employment functional assessment process by providing expert evaluation, task-specific training, and injury prevention strategies for you.

By working closely with physiotherapists, candidates can improve their physical abilities, increase their chances of success in the assessments, and enhance their overall employability.

How We Work With Employers & Companies

Prohealth Sports & Spinal works closely with different employers and agencies to facilitate pre-employment screening. Depending on the assessment needed by the employer, our physiotherapists can expertly facilitate the tests that you require and provide accurate and precise results to screen prospective candidates and deliver timely feedback to the agency or employer.

Pre employment assessment tests in action, carried out by our physiotherapists at Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Centres in Manila Philippines

Why Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Centres?

For over 20 years, Prohealth Sports And Spinal Philippines, as well as our network of clinics across Hong Kong, Singapore and India have helped people recover faster and more importantly prevent their injuries and pain from returning. Our experienced physiotherapists are committed to delivering high-quality, personalised and patient-centred solutions to help all our clients (whether they are patients with injuries and underlying conditions, or companies looking to boost their employees’ engagement and health) achieve the best outcomes.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us.

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