Pregnancy Pilates

During pregnancy, the released hormones (progesterone and relaxin) causes the ligaments in the joints to relax, thus the ankle, pelvis, and wrist becomes unstable and painful.

It is best to avoid overstretching and focus on strengthening exercise such as Pilates.

Moreover, abdominal separation (Diastasis rectus) is very common as the belly expands, causing back pain,  sacroiliac pain and incontinence.


Pregnancy Pilates with reformer is the best solution. It can:

  • Prevent/cure abdominal separation
  • Strengthen core muscles such as the transverse abdominal and multifidus muscle
  • Relieve pressure from the back and pelvic floor thus curing back pain and relieving incontinence
  • Strengthen all joints, including wrist, ankle, sacroiliac, back and others
  • Prevent/ cure sacroiliac joint pain such as pubic symphysis pain (anterior pain on the bone below the umbillicus)
  • Maintain healthy body weight and size of the baby bump


On the first session, our physiotherapist would:

  • Assess and correct the posture
  • Identify weak/underactive muscles
  • Identify overactive muscles and prescribe specific stretches
  • Assess the severity of the abdominal separation
  • Assess misaligned pelvis
  • Prescribe specific stretches to realign the pelvis
  • Activate core muscles and prescribe specific core muscles strengthening exercises with the reformer
  • Incorporate breathing pattern


On the following sessions, our physiotherapist would:

  • Incorporate balance exercises
  • Target weak muscle groups
  • Progress core muscles strengthening exercises with the reformer
  • Incorporate hand and leg coordination exercises
  • Incorporate neuro-muscular pattern exercises
  • Reassess abdominal separation

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