我接受Hazel Walpole的服務已經有數年時間,主要是針對骨盆底問題以及膝蓋、背部和肩部問題。我強烈推薦她以及她任職的診所。Hazel非常友好、專業、工作認真,總是能夠出色地完成工作。她追求實效,和您合作時總是能保證她要求您進行的運動具有實用性並且“可以做到”。她耐心、友善且非常靈活。對於診所而言,這個組織非常優秀,會為病人發送關於預約的友情提示,接待人員也非常友善和樂於助人。這些都讓前去接受物理治療的病人感到非常舒心。我強烈地推薦這家診所和Hazel。

我接受Hazel Walpole的服务已经有数年时间,主要是针对骨盆底问题以及膝盖、背部和肩部问题。我强烈推荐她以及她任职的诊所。Hazel非常友好、专业、工作认真,总是能够出色地完成工作。她追求实效,和您合作时总是能保证她要求您进行的运动具有实用性并且“可以做到”。她耐心、友善且非常灵活。对于诊所而言,这个组织非常优秀,会为病人发送关于预约的友情提示,接待人员也非常友善和乐于助人。这些都让前去接受物理治疗的病人感到非常舒心。我强烈地推荐这家诊所和Hazel。

I have used Hazel Walpole for a few years now, in respect of a pelvic floor problem and also for knee, back and shoulder issues. I can thoroughly recommend her, and the clinic where she works. Hazel is friendly, professional, very thorough and does an excellent job. She is realistic and works with you to make sure that the exercises she asks you to do are practical and ‘do-able’. She is patient, kind and very flexible. As for the clinic itself, the organisation is very good, friendly reminders about appointments are sent, the receptionists are cheerful and very helpful. It makes the experience of going for physio very pleasant. I would thoroughly recommend both the clinic and Hazel unreservedly.

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