Panjee Hernandez

I have been consistently training (CrossFit) for 2 months but started experiencing overall back pain, mostly on my right side. There was just a significant imbalance between my left and right side; I’ve been diagnosed with mild scoliosis since I was 13 years old. I didn’t know how much pain I was in up until I experienced total relief after my first session back with Randel. Regularly meeting with him from once a week to once every two weeks, along with doing the recommended exercises really helped ease my back pain. Even when my training slowly decreased in load and intensity, and my back pains were mostly brought about by my work from home set-up (not ergonomic, sitting down most of the day), Randel has still been able to consistently address whatever problems and pains I’ve been experiencing.

I definitely feel safe at Prohealth. Social distancing, wearing of face masks, shoe baths, encouraged handwashing, proper PPE — every important protocol I believe is observed at Prohealth.

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