Sophie Ivey

長期伏案、專注工作的我越發感到腰酸背痛。我遭受疼痛困擾已經有一段時間,直至我的醫生為我介紹了Chris Sherer。Chris教會我如何通過鍛煉和不同的坐姿去糾正我錯誤的姿勢,現在,我的背部、頸部和肩膀疼痛已經大有改善。Chris把物理治療與針灸結合在一起,真正能夠針對與解決背部、頸部和肩部疼痛。他的專業精神和他的友好態度使得所有環節都讓人感覺愉快,這在大部分物理治療中無法體驗!我強烈推薦Chris和他的團隊。

长期伏案、专注工作的我越发感到腰酸背痛。我遭受疼痛困扰已经有一段时间,直至我的医生为我介绍了Chris Sherer。Chris教会我如何通过锻炼和不同的坐姿去纠正我错误的姿势,现在,我的背部、颈部和肩膀疼痛已经大有改善。Chris把物理治疗与针灸结合在一起,真正能够针对与解决背部、颈部和肩部疼痛。他的专业精神和他的友好态度使得所有环节都让人感觉愉快,这在大部分物理治疗中无法体验!我强烈推荐Chris和他的团队。

Long working hours at a predominately desk focused job rendered my back and right shoulder very sore. I had been living with pain as a consequence for some time until my doctor referred me to Chris Sherer. Chris has taught me how to correct my bad posture through exercises and different seated postures and now my back, neck and shoulder are much improved. Chris combines physiotherapy treatment with acupuncture to really target and solve back, neck and shoulder pain. His professionalism combined with his friendly manner make the sessions a pleasure, which cannot be said for most physio treatment! I highly recommend Chris and the team.

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