Mike Chinoy

感謝Sara Croker,我在2015普吉島馬拉松比賽中表現優異。我在7個小時內完賽——考慮到日出後氣溫上升至超過33度,這不算太壞的成績!我感到相當疲勞,雙腿發軟,但我的膝蓋卻異常堅挺,我對此感到非常高興。在幾天的休息與按摩之後,沒有出現任何不良反應。

感谢Sara Croker,我在2015普吉岛马拉松比赛中表现优异。我在7个小时内完赛——考虑到日出后气温上升至超过33度,这不算太坏的成绩!我感到相当疲劳,双腿发软,但我的膝盖却异常坚挺,我对此感到非常高兴。在几天的休息与按摩之后,没有出现任何不良反应。

My performance at the 2015 Phuket Marathon was great, thanks to Sara Croker. I finished in 7 hours- not bad considering that once the sun came up the temperature was over 33 degrees! I was pretty tired and my feet and legs were sore, but I am pleased to say that my knees held up really well. And after a few days of rest, massage, there were no lingering after-effects.

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