Eric Marchesseau

在2015年紐約馬拉松開始之前的8個星期時,我遭受了膝蓋受傷。Kate Pallett和Charmaine Tam非常優秀,因為:首先,他們理解到我的優先選擇是盡一切可能參加賽事,因此,他們一起為我進行了更具進取性的康復計畫,而不是讓我去休息。然後,他們運用他們的技能以及互補性的技術直接處理我的傷病,讓我能夠及時恢復參加比賽。最後,他們積極的態度與鼓勵幫助我克服了艱苦的強化訓練以及偶然讓人感覺痛苦的物理治療環節。我強烈推薦他們!

在2015年纽约马拉松开始之前的8个星期时,我遭受了膝盖受伤。Kate Pallett和Charmaine Tam非常优秀,因为:首先,他们理解到我的优先选择是尽一切可能参加赛事,因此,他们一起为我进行了更具进取性的康复计划,而不是让我去休息。然后,他们运用他们的技能以及互补性的技术直接处理我的伤病,让我能够及时恢复参加比赛。最后,他们积极的态度与鼓励帮助我克服了艰苦的强化训练以及偶然让人感觉痛苦的物理治疗环节。我强烈推荐他们!

With 8 weeks to go before the 2015 NYC marathon I contracted a knee injury. Kate Pallett and Charmaine Tam were great for several reasons: first they understood that my priority was to try everything to run the race, so they put together an aggressive rehab plan instead of just asking me to rest. Then they used their skills and complementary techniques to tackle my injury head-on, and get me back on my feet in time for the race. Finally their positive attitude and encouragements helped me cope with the tough strengthening regime and sometimes painful physio sessions. I would highly recommend them!

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