E. Siu







Over the last year I received various treatments for my severe hip pain without success. That is not the case anymore after I have met Aggie. She diagnosed me and then set about curing the cause. Her examination was the most thorough I have received. She was the first to look at my situation as an individual person versus other tried and tested treatment routes.  A “one size fits all” wasn’t working for me.

After several treatments with Aggie, I am 100% recovered. Most importantly, the progress is sustained which means Aggie has really gotten to the cause.

As an amateur long distance runner, one thing you have to do is look after yourself both before and after the race. Something I’ve found makes all the difference is a good physio, both for treating injuries but for helping to ensure you don’t get them in the first place. I am very selective in who I am prepared to trust my legs or body to, and I go to Aggie for all the weekly maintenance that my body requires. Aggie is caring, focused on the person and extremely effective, she is simply godsend. Thank you Sports and Spinal!

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